Welcome to LoveBlast! where music and activism fuse.


Musicians have long been at the vanguard of social movements, whether addressing issues explicitly or creating transcendent art that affirms what is best in our shared humanity. Music is love. 


LoveBlast! was created as a refuge from hate talk and headlines. Demoralized by current events? Come bliss-out on positive vibes.


LoveBlast! exists to promote the creation and sharing of positive, socially-conscious music. Singer-songwriters, send us your most inspiring songs for showcasing. Artists and musicians, cover the songs that affirm what you value and we'll give them a blast. 

Love will win out. In the meantime, enjoy the great grooves, lyrics, musicianship and human beings you’ll find on LoveBlast!

We are stardust

We are golden

We are caught in the devil's bargain

And we've got to get ourselves back to the garden.


                                                           Crosby, Stills and Nash   

"Young people think that everything was achieved before by the Civil Rights Movement. Our parents, our grandparents did everything for us and now we have these rights and can just enjoy them—but they can easily be taken away."
                                                             Nadya of Pussy Riot
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